Логотип компании Anatol ULTRA

Туннельная ИК электрическая сушка с конвекцией
Туннельная сушка ULTRA
  • Панель управления
    • 7” touchscreen control panel
    • Temperature control with accuracy of +/- 1°F
    • Set desired cure time and the dryer will automatically determine the proper belt speed
    • Save and recall up to 16 jobs for fast setups
    • Work Schedule mode allows you to program automatic startup and cool down based on the day of the week
    • View temperature and energy consumption plots in real time
    Нагревательные элементы
    • 5” blower exchanges air in the chamber over 12 times per minute to cure water-based inks quickly and efficiently
    • Long-lasting ceramic heating elements ensure even distribution of heat throughout the chamber
    • Overheating alarm warns you when dryer exceeds the temperature set by the user
    • Adjustable infeed/outfeed openings to accommodate a wide variety of substrates
    • Heating elements can be raised and lowered
    • Double wall construction with galvanized interior
    • Heavy-duty multi-section construction
    • Air cooled case keeps heat in and ensures the dryer stays cool to the touch
    • High efficiency thermal insulation keeps heat from migrating into the workplace
    Ремень трансмиссии
    • Teflon-coated fiberglass belt for maximum durability
    • Heavy-duty conveyor rollers
    • Industrial-grade AC motor
  • UED-3606-13000UED-3610-23400UED-4810-29250UED-6010-39000
    Ширина ремня 92см 92см 122см 152см
    Длина термокамеры 183см 288см 288см 288см
    Длина входа/выхода 150см 300см 300см 300см
    Кол-во керамических нагревателей 20шт 36шт 45шт 60шт
    Скорость сушки 400-600шт/ч 550-800шт/ч 700-950шт/ч 900-1200шт/ч
    Макс. потребляемая мощность 13кВт 23.4кВт 29.25кВт 39кВт
    Габариты Длина - 333см Длина - 588см Длина - 588см Длина - 588см